Jobs to be  done

Jobs to be done (JTBD) framework offers that customers pay for a product because they want to do something with it, what they do and accomplish with the product is where developers should focus on.

Jobs to be done is an innovation framework based on the economic assumption that people buy products and services to help them accomplish tasks, achieve goals and objectives, resolve and avoid issues.

From a jobs to be  done standpoint, any innovation effort should answer  10 fundamental questions.

1. Who is the customer? 2. What job is the customer trying to get done? 3. What are the customer’s desired outcomes? 4. How do they measure value? 5. Do segments of customers exist that have different unmet outcomes? 6. What unmet outcomes exist in each segment? 7. What segments and unmet outcomes should we  target for growth? 8. How should we define our value proposition? 9. How should we position our existing and pipeline products? 10. What new products must we create?